5th workshop

The 5th workshop of the Management Parnassos National Park was held on Saturday, March 22, 2014 for the Forestry World Day, at the headquarters of the Environmental Education and Information Centre of Amfikleia. Attendants had the opportunity to learn about the contribution of the Management Body to the protection of the National Park and the sustainable development of the region.

Before the workshop begin, the new offices of the ΜΒ were inaugurated, granted by the Amfikleia - Elateia Municipality.


4th workshop

The 4th workshop entitled "Parnassos National Park - Management Bodies - Local Community" was held at the Amfikleia Cultural Centre in collaboration with the Amfikleia - Elateia Municipality, on Saturday, 30/03/2013, celebrating the World Forestry Day (March 21st). The studies assigned to scientists, on the protection and exploitation of the National Park for the development of the wider area, were presented.


3rd workshop

The 3rd workshop entitled "Parnassos National Park, Natural Environment - Environmental Education - Sustainable Development" was held in Arachova ("Arachova Inn" hotel) on Saturday, 02/06/2012, in collaboration with the Distomo - Arachova - Antikyra Municipality. The workshop was organized to celebrate the “World Environment Day” (June 5), aiming at the awareness and information of the wider area residents of Parnassos Mt.


2nd workshop

The 2nd Workshop entitled "Environment and Development in Protected Areas" was held at the Amfissa’s Cultural Centre in collaboration with the Municipality of Delphi, on Saturday, 11/2012.


1st workshop

The 1st Workshop entitled “Protected Areas and Sustainable Development" was held at the Amfikleia’s Cultural Center on Saturday 19/03/2011, celebrating the World Forestry Day. The local society had the opportunity to learn about the protected areas as well as the people’s contribution to the development of these areas.

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