Parnassos National Park was initially established in 1938 in order to protect its scenic beauty, by institutionalizing its core zone as protected area, as defined by the Royal Decrees of 1938 and 1939 (Government Gazette GG 286 / A and GG 1 / A, respectively).


40 years passed until the 4670.3 ha Wildlife Refuge "Asprochoma- Psilo- Prontoli – Kelari (Arachova)" (GG 1043/B/1976) and the 250 ha, state-owned Wildlife Refuge "Amfiklia" (GG 406/B/76) were defined.


A few years after that, the 200 ha "Suburban Forest of Tithorea" was institutionalized as "Aesthetic Forest" (PD GG. 125/D/1979).


In the years that followed, the EU perceived the ecological, aesthetic and economic importance of habitats and of wild flora and fauna, thus creating the «Natura 2000» ecological network.


One of the Directives that "Natura 2000" subjects to is the EU Birds Directive 79/409/EEC (which has been revised to 2009/147). This set of instructions describes the integration process of important birds' breeding areas and residences in protection status, called Special Protection Areas or SPAs.


On Mt. Parnassos there has been institutionalized the SPA "Oros Parnassos" (GR 2410002), the largest part of which is supervised and protected by the Parnassos National Park's Management Body (PNPMB).


In addition, the Network "Natura 2000" subjects to the EU Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC (for their integration and protection). According to it, any Member State has designated "Special Areas of Conservation" within its territory (SACs). There, the maintenance or restoration of habitats should be ensured, according to the principles of sustainability.


The SAC "Notioanatolikos Parnassos – Ethnikos Drymos Parnassou - Dasos Tithoreas" (GR 2450005) has been institutionalized on Mt. Parnassos, which is the largest part of the responsibility area of (PNPMB).


Finally, the Archaeological Site of Delphi and the wider landscape of Delphi were institutionalized under GG. 147/A/2012.

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