The habitat types as well species of flora and fauna found in the Parnassos National Park’s Management Body (GR 2450005) area of responsibility, will be recorded and monitored under the NATURA 2000 network, which consists of two types of areas: Special Protection Areas (SPAs) for the protection of wild birds, according to Directive 2009/147/EC and Special Area of Conservation (SAC), as defined in Directive 92/43/EEC.


Parnassos National Park habitat types: 4090 (Endemic oro – Mediterranean heaths with gorse), 6220 (Pseudo steppe with grasses and annuals of the Thero- Brachypodietea), 6230 (Species-rich Nardus grasslands, on siliceous substrates in mountain areas (and submountain areas, in Continental Europe), 8140 (Eastern Mediterranean screes) 8210 (Calcareous rocky slopes with chasmophytic vegetation), 9340 (Quercus ilex and Quercus rotundifolia forests), 9530 ((Sub-)Mediterranean pine forests with endemic black pine), 9560 (Endemic forests with Juniperus spp).


Flora: Bupleurum capillare, Paeonia parnassica

Amphibians - Reptiles: Bombina variegata, Triturus carnifex, Τestudo hermanni, Testudo marginata

Mammals: Myotis blythi, Myotis myotis, Rhinolophus ferrumequinum, Rhinolophus hipposideros (specιes of bats)

Invertebrates: Lucanus cervus



Bupleurum capillare                Paeonia parnassica
(J.Karetsos)                         (Th. Κ. Tsitsoni)


Bombina variegata                 Testudo marginata                 Triturus carnifex

(                  (P. Oefinger)                          (


Myotis blythi                                Lucanus cervus

(                            (



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