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Information, awareness and education of local communities and visitors to the responsibility area of the Parnassos National Park Management Body.. more

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Parnassos National Park was initially established in 1938 in order to protect its scenic beauty, by institutionalizing its core zone as protected area.. more

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National Park’s Core Zone remains open from sunrise to sunset. Permanent or seasonal residents of “Kalania”and “Kroki” resorts are excluded and can .. more

The Management Body of Parnassos National Park is


a Private Legal Entity supervised by the Ministry of the Environment, Energy, and Climate Change. It is governed by an 11-member Board, composed of representatives from ministries, services, local authorities, NGOs and scientists. It is responsible for the conservation, protection and management of Parnassos National Park, founded in 1938. It is one of the oldest National Parks in Greece, founded the same period as Olympus. Natural Reserves, according to Law 1650/86 Article 19, are included in the category of National Parks.

The protection and management of Parnassos National Park is an important priority for national, European and international level due to its recognizable value of flora, fauna and avifauna, habitats, landscape and culture. ..  more


The main objectives of the Management Body are:

  • The conservation of natural resources, biodiversity and the general protection of the entire region.
  • The promotion and implementation of information and awareness programs.
  • Τhe attraction of visitors and promoting the values of the protected area.
  • The sustainable use of the protected area’s ecosystems, and generally, the compatible with the protection and conservation, social, economic and cultural development of the region.
  •  Τhe development of partnerships with Universities, Research Centers and NGOs.

The Management Body’s website will be constantly updated and will contain useful information for any visitor with scientific and environmental interests. We hope that you will contribute to our effort.



                                       The President of Parnassos National Park Management Body

                                              Thekla K. Tsitsoni

                                   Professor of the Department of Forestry & Natural Environment

                                             Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Parnassos National Park Management Body,
Amfiklia 35 002 Fthiotida
[tel/fax]:   +30 22340 23529
[e]:  info@parnassosnp.gr  |  fdparnas@yahoo.gr
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